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I've done blog post on 3D stereoscopic photography.  
After finding a camera from pre World War One 1910.  
I got it working and managed a way to trim down 4x5 inch negatives to fit it.
The next step is figuring out how to upload the animated gifs from the scans onto deviant art!!

The blog post about stereoscopic photography is below.…
I've created a new website for a project I'm working on called All Changed 1916 revisited.  The title comes from the Yeats poem Easter 1916.  Leading up to the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rebellion Im capturing Ireland today using cameras and photographic techniques from that era.  

You can see what stage its at here

If you have any feedback in terms of design or if you think the project is just shit and I should save my time and money, please let me know.  Cheers.  
I made a video of a long term photo book project I'm working on, so far it's one third complete, but I decided to put what I have so far into a book that I can get feedback on at this weeks Paris Photo. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

I have recently added a new photo series to my website.  It's part of a continuing series on countries that don't exist.  

You can view it here.…

Although the problem when asking for critique of a photo series, I think you need to see the images that were not included as part of the final edit to contrast with what was included.  
One of my photos is on display at the current exhibition on at The Culture Box Temple Bar. Closes on Aug 22.  The exhibition is of 47 images of Irish Street photography.  If your in Dublin please check it out.…
Howdy Yall.  My Website has had a makeover with a new template.  I still have some editing of images and gallery's, but it's almost there.

Let me know what you think.
Recently when I was in Skopje Macedonia, myself and Billy aka came across a horde of abandoned photos.  I've scanned and uploaded the most interesting of them on my blog.…
On July 4th at 6.30PM there will be an exhibition opening of street photography from myself and Eyal Binehaker, Mary Cimetta , Sagi Kortler, Alex Levac and Felix Lupa.  It runs till the 12th of July at the Market Studios Smithfield Dublin.
It runs as part of the Dublin festival of photography. 
The link to the page is here…
I've created a gallery of photos of the protests at Taksim Square Istanbul on my website.  Between June 4th to June 10th.…
Constructive critisism is welcome. 
A photographic series I've been working on for the last year.  It's still a work in progress.  Any constructive feedback is welcome.…
A new book on street Photography written by :icontanya-n: is soon to be published.

It also features photos by myself and Ferhat Celik, Severin Koller, Mustafah Abdulaziz, Brian Webb, Charlotte Gonzalez, Danny Santos II, Felix Lupa, Claire Atkinson, Antonio Wijmark and Ronya Galka.   

You Can Pre Order the book on Amazon here.…
Ok so I've been quite on the photographic front of late, both on the personal and professional, although the two are interlinked the lack of the later being responsible for the former.  I'll spare you the boring details.  
After leaving some rolls of film incarcerated in a fridge for close to a year here are some of the results that can be seen here.…

I'll scan more during the next few days.
I've just uploaded  some photos from London here…
Most of them were made last year, except the "I am Legend one" was from a roll I found behind some stale cheese in my fridge, from 2009 I think, only getting around to developing it now.
I've started a blog at tumblr, its called shit Seamus shoots.

It's a little experiment.  Rather than submit the usual people in desicive moment scenerios, all the photos will be people free.  But still trying to capture a sense of the absurd in the every day.  
I have a small archive of these types of photos and I never tried to show them to anyone before.  Rather then have the negs sitting gathering dust, I might as well find them home for viewing somewhere.
I've uploaded more images to my blog…

These are a selection that I've never uploaded before.  I have hundreds that never see the light of day , so I might as well put them to view rather than gather dust.  Although the last thing the internet needs, is more images.
Here are a selection of images I made over a weekend in Holland earlier this year.…
Some previously unpublished images at my blog… there's any you think I should upload here let me know.
I know the following open journal is about to give me much criticism and flak, but I feel the points I'm about to make are important and need to be said, surely I cannot be the lone dissenter.  
Yesterday the finalists and winners of the London Street photography festival had been announced online.  According to their website they received 1600 entries.

Jesse Marlow an excellent photographer was the overall winner.  He's also a member of the in-public collective.  One of the other finalists David Solomons is a member of the same group.  Two of the judges David Gibson, and Nick Turpin are both members of the same collective.  Sophie Howarth also a judge, prominently featured their work in the book street photography now.   

The winning portfolio images londonstreetphotographyfestiva… have already been part of the same gallery… for years.  Was this competion a way of promoting up and coming street photographers or just a way of promoting the in-public collective?  
At best this is an unconscious bias, at worst a conscious one. Giving the other finalists a disadvantage.  The other entrants did not have the advantage of the judges already being familiar with their work, and already being fans.

Now in most photographic competions when one of the judges recognise the images of one of their friends they step down from voting for that particular image, so not to bias the other judges in their favour, I know and have seen this happening in Judging at the IPPA (Irish Professional photographers association)and PPA (Photographers of America).  I wonder did such fair voting take place, as three of the judges were already familiar with the winners work.  If this took place excellent, but I would like to know if it did.  In many art competitions in Ireland often rules stipulate, Friends and family members of competition judges are forbidden from entering.  

Now speaking openly two of the finalists, I'm fans of their work and of coarse I would want them to win, so yes their is some bias on my part on how I feel the final results went.  

I'm considering writing an email to the judges who are members of in-public to know how fair this process was.
Your opinions are valuable to me, and I welcome any of your comments.  Or please email
Hi, just uploaded a new series to my website, it's still a work in progress.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.…

Thanks again for any comments or faves.
Hey everyone thanks for all the faves and comments, sorry if I don't have time to reply to everyone, but the love is must apreciated,  

Thanks to bdwfh for the Daily Deviation.

And Congrats To Scott (Obsidian-Fox) for the screen capture of the 40,000 page view, a print will be on its way to you.